Job Watch US, LLC. is proud to announce the introduction of its affordable and innovative new security system designed specifically for construction sites. This sentry system is portable and can easily be moved from place to place as needed. Job Watch US monitors your construction site 24/7/365, to help prevent theft of building equipment and materials, provide a safer workplace, prevent unauthorized dumpster dumping, and oversee deliveries and subcontractors working on the project, all the while saving time and money for the contractor by cutting down on the number of trips he or she has to make to the job site.

Unlike other security systems, Job Watch US mobile sentry requires no AC power or WiFi hookup, which allows it to be placed virtually anywhere to keep watch over the site, day or night, rain or shine. The unit features a weather resistant HD smart security camera, with long lasting, rechargeable batteries recharged by solar power, 2 – way audio, advanced motion sensor, auto night vision, remotely controlled smart siren, and user access to storage in the cloud of the past 7 days of motion and sound triggered recordings. All this is instantly at the user’s fingertips, anytime or anyplace, on his or her smart device.

One could say the old adage, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”, surely applies in the development of this product. The creator is Lawrence P. O’Reilly, 81 years young, a Real Estate Broker/Developer/ Entrepreneur, who has been in business in Florida since the early 1980’s. Patrick, as he is affectionately known, while working in partnership with a local builder, became increasingly frustrated with problems all too common to the building industry; in particular, theft of equipment and materials from the job site, and unauthorized dumping of waste in the onsite dumpsters.

Patrick began to research these troublesome issues with a mind to try to find a solution. He started to work with local fabricators and other professionals, and in time what began as simple tinkering in his garage to try to solve a vexing problem lead to more serious experimentation with various designs, components, and configurations of same, culminating in his unique patent – pending Job Watch US product.

Losses of heavy equipment alone in the U. S., is estimated to be in excess of $1 Billion a year and increasing every year. The National Crime Bureau, in its 2014 report, stated there were some 11,625 heavy equipment thefts in the US that were reported to law enforcement, of which only about 23% were eventually recovered. All varieties of building materials are also frequently stolen from construction sites. In addition to the direct losses from these thefts to contractors there are also indirect costs, such as increased insurance premiums, rental costs for equipment needed to temporarily replace that which was stolen, loss of productivity, and miscellaneous costs attributable to the inevitable delays in completion of the project these issues cause.

Patrick also learned that Florida ranked in the top 5 states for these thefts. Surprisingly, experts estimate that anywhere from 30% – 85% of all thefts actually stem from someone you authorize to be on your site, which just increases the need for monitoring.

Patrick soon realized that although he developed Job Watch Sentry System specifically for the needs of contractors, the uses for this product are virtually unlimited. It can be used for special events and shows of all kinds, for monitoring the safety of animals and people, warning and informing the public of specific hazards and conditions, and for general surveillance of campgrounds, parks, etc. Indeed, anywhere monitoring is needed and conventional security is not feasible, due to lack of power or other factors, Job Watch US is your practical and cost-effective solution.

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